About Sexistential Crisis

Sexistential Crisis is dedicated to helping women experience more clarity, confidence and pleasure in their sex and dating lives. We want to take the shame out of talking about sex! Nothing is out of bounds on Sexistential Crisis.

Laura believes that the seat of a women’s personal power resides in understanding her body and her pleasure. When we can truly love our bodies, understand the magnificent power we hold as women and provide ourselves with the sexual self-care we need, we can walk into the world with true confidence and magnetism in all areas of life.

Understanding how to claim your pleasure as a women:

  • Makes you a smarter dater

  • Improves your sex life

  • Gives you more confidence to go after what you want in life

  • Decreases your reliance on men to figure out your body and orgasm

  • And so much more…

About your host, Laura K

Laura launched into her own sexistential crisis at age 27. Having exited a long-term relationship she had no idea who she was or what she was "into".  The self-appointed Nancy Drew of dating, she's spent the past ten years exploring the rich world of sexual expression, relationships and body acceptance. From meeting crafty dominatrixes and cuddle therapists to posing as a lesbian for a free trip to Fiji, her stories have made audiences scream with laughter at The Moth and RISK!. 

Laura speaks on women's empowerment, self-acceptance and how to be a force of badassery. She offers coaching to men and women who are looking to improve their dating lives and relationships. Learn more at www.laurak.co


Booking Requests

Please send all requests to laura@sexistentialcrisis.com