Sex·is·ten·tial Cri·sis

Laura launched into her own sexistential crisis at age 27. Having exited a long-term relationship she had no idea who she was or what she was "into".  The self-appointed Nancy Drew of dating, she's spent the past ten years exploring the rich world of sexual expression, relationships and body acceptance. From meeting crafty dominatrixes and cuddle therapists to posing as a lesbian for a free trip to Fiji, her stories have made audiences scream with laughter at The Moth and RISK!. Her mission is to help women learn to love their bodies, fully embrace their sexuality and build the self-worth to be single, or partnered, at any size or age. 

In addition to being an all around funny lady, Laura is a skilled intuitive coach, using a variety of methodologies to help clients overcome the blocks to their success. To book a session with Laura, click here.